Linhzhi Mushroom

Use your exclusive Lingzhi effective prevention and treatment of many diseases. The effects of Ganoderma can strengthen the quality, so when used in combination with food or pharmaceutical medicine other Energetics markedly increased. Because Lingzhi has a detoxifying effect, so when used in combination with chemotherapy or animal pharmaceutical antibiotics will reduce the possible side effects of medicinal plants Khon chemotherapy or antibiotics, and can reduce doses of antibiotics.

Ganoderma products have many kinds, such as natural disaster Ganoderma, Reishi spores, spores Ganoderma ultrasonic processing, powder Reishi, Ganoderma high, Vienna components ... These products chi.vv have the same basic effect, including: Lingzhi spores efficiently as possible. Powdered


From past to present, East fungus has always been known as a drug you with a lot of positive effects for the human body, such as sexual dysfunction, kidney failure, impotence, cellular glass, anti-cancer .. served basis knows that the invaluable work of the East fungus and with the primary objective is for the health and interests of consumers, scientists in Korea and around the world have demonstrated research and the creation of products extracted from Caterpillar is good for health users use the information.
East fungus is a type of herbal wealth is essentially parasitic form of the fungus Cordyceps sinensis Filamentous Ascomycetes group on larvae of some butterfly species in the genus Thitarodes Viette, 1968 (previously classified in the genus Hepialus Fabricius , 1775).

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